Adult Bible Studies in and around Arvada

Where can you find a good Women's Bible Study or group?  Obviously you want to check with your Church first, but there are many groups that are open to the community (ie you don't have to attend Church there) 

  • Faith Bible Institute of Biblical Studies
  • I've done this and it's great.  You meet for about 8 weeks on either Sunday morning or Wednesday night.  You hear a great speaker and then during the week you read some books and write a paper.  This is more of a class than a Bible Study.  (There's not really any discussion time in the class).  But you grow a lot in the Lord!
  • This is on Wednesday Nights at Faith Bible Chapel (Childcare), or if you go to FBC, you can go on Sunday mornings (also Childcare).   This is great because it's foundational and helps you learn in depth.  Once you "graduate" you can take continuing education classes and just keep learning!
  • Starts August 27th - $25 fee (childcare is available and free)

  • Community Bible Study (CBS)
    • Children and Adults learn during this year long program
    • Located at Arvada Covenant Church 5555 Ward Road
    • Begins September, Register NOW!!!
    • More info: Chris Galluzzo - Teaching Director - 303-324-7250
    • I have multiple friends who do this every year and LOVE it.  It's especially nice if your kids are at home with you because they'll do some learning, too.  REGISTER EARLY (like June/July at the latest)

  • Bible Study Fellowship (BSF)
    • Wednesdays @ 9:15
    • Applewood Baptist Church 11200 W. 32nd Avenue
    • Young Children have childcare

  • Women's Bible Study at Applewood Baptist - Fall 2014
    • Applewood Baptist Church in Wheat Ridge
    • Tuesday Mornings or Tuesday Evenings
    • Childcare is included in the fee
    • This is a great one I've done before.  It's great because it takes most of the school year and doesn't cost too much!  

Multigenerational Women's Fellowship and Prayer Group

  • Just as the name describes, women of different ages get together to share their lives and burdens with each other. 
  • Meets 3rd Thursday of the Month plus other activities if we desire.  This is a fun group, especially if you need some wisdom from some women who have been there before (or are one of those women who wants to share their wisdom).  
  • Contact me for the address! - click here

Faith Bible Chapel Women of the Word Studies

  • Women of the Word (WOW)
  • WOW Bible study groups will be doing one of two
    studies: “Never Give Up” by Joyce Meyers or “James”
    by Beth Moore.
  • Sign-up at the Women’s Counter in the
    Atrium beginning Saturday, August 17 through Sunday,
    September 1, or until sessions are full.
  • The studies cost
    $22 per person and run for nine weeks. (plus a fee for Babysitting)

Crossroads Women's Bible Study

Arvada Covenant Small Groups and Activity Groups

Spirit of Christ - Catholic Bible Study for women

  • Start your own group, or join a friend! 

If your Church (or you) have a community Bible Study you want me to mention, let me know!  Click here

For Bible Studies for Kids, click here!

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