What is the difference between this site and other sites like it?

  • There aren't any sites like this one!  I mean they are, but they aren't Christian, and that's the whole point....
  • The main thing is that I've tried to compile all the Christian things going on in the community - in one place instead of on several different sites. 
  • Also, many of the things listed are in Arvada - or within 30ish minutes of Arvada, Colorado.
  • I'm always looking for Christian concerts, Christmas plays, Easter productions, or Vacation Bible Schools that are available near me, but they are never in one place.  Now they are!
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  • Winter Activities
    Winter Activities
  • Christian Easter Parties
    Christian Easter Parties
  • Summer Activities
    Summer Activities
  • Outdoor Movies and Christian Movies
    Outdoor Movies and Christian Movies
  • Easter Plays and Activities
    Easter Plays and Activities
  • Family Ministry and Volunteering
    Family Ministry and Volunteering
  • Halloween Alternative Parties
    Halloween Alternative Parties
  • Winter Activities
    Winter Activities
  • Kids Church Easter Parties
    Kids Church Easter Parties
  • Vacation Bible Schools
    Vacation Bible Schools
  • Fall Family Fun
    Fall Family Fun
  • Faith Based Christmas
    Faith Based Christmas
  • Christian Vacations
    Christian Vacations
  • Trails and Healthy Fun
    Trails and Healthy Fun
Winter Activities
Winter Activities

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