Easter Mysteries Giveaway!

Posted on March 7, 2016 at 10:30 PM Comments comments (1)

Easter Mysteries Ticket Giveaway!!!! Please comment below with your name and e-mail if you want to enter the Giveaway - it's that easy! I will be drawing names March 17th.  LOW ENTRIES!!!  More info on the movie here

We have tickets available for thi...

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Snow White Giveaway!

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I have a Snow White Giveaway for you today! I've had low entries on my other giveaways so YOU'LL PROBABLY WIN! So please take advantage! Click here to enter

The first full-length animated feature ever, SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS, is being re-introduced to a new generation. I am giving my followers the chance to win a SNOW WHITE prize pack including a digital download c...

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Little Boy Movie DVD Release August 18th and Review

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Have you heard of "Little Boy".  I heard of it several months ago and was so excited when I finally got to see it.  My daughter was also excited, because she had wanted to see it, too (I didn't realize this).  We hunkered down and watched it and were very delighted with what we found.

This movie has everything you want in a movie, Faith, Tears, Forgiveness and Hope.  Basically, the boy in the movie really wants to use a lot of faith so that his father will return fro...

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9 Reasons you don't know about why the Library is so awesome

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Ok, ok, I'm trying to grab your attention with that title.  If I had titled it "The Library is so awesome" you would agree and move on.  MOST people do not know why the Library is awesome, they just k...

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Product Review - VocabularySpelling City!

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So for the past year and a half, I've been using VocabularySpellingCity with my kids.  This is a free website that helps your kids practice their spelling words for the week.  The great part about it is that you can put in their actual words to work on (and it will save the list for you)....

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Just Let Go Movie Ticket Giveway!!! Drawing Friday Morning

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Giveaway Time!!!! You can enter to win a family four pack to Just Let Go Movie on September 28th to one of the theaters of their choice.


Okay, I'm going to post about this 3 times (2 on Facebook and one on my mailing list). You can enter up to 4 times:


1. Comment on my first Facebook Post (from Tuesday) for a chanc...

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