Concerts, Conferences, and Christian Events

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Ok, just a quick FYI on what's coming up in the Christian Community!

Christian Concerts

  • Click on the link above for ALL the great Christian Concerts near the Arvada Area (yes I've included those in Colorado Springs)
  • NEW CONCERT UPDATE:  Jars of Clay - February 24th

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Lots of great concerts coming up!

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Ok, so there are a lot of great concerts coming up and hopefully if you've been reading the newsletter, you know about them.  Usually I just tell you about the new ones and give you a link for all of them, but every once in awhile, I list them all in the newsletter to get you caught up.  Well that day is here!


If you would like our weekly newsletter sent to your inbox,

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Getting started again in January..

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Rather than rewrite the same thing I wrote LAST YEAR, I'm going to give you the link to last years newsletter about getting started again in January (Click here)

Some of the topics in the newsletter include:  food and exercise (including places in the area where you can go), volunteering, organizing, and mental he...

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Merry Christmas - big News(boys) this week!

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Merry Christmas

I'm sure you were thinking that I wasn't going to send out a newsletter this week, but the future waits for nobody, I guess!  Ready for the big news?  (followed by the little news)

Big Concert News...

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9 days until Christmas!

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I bet you have TONS of stuff going on this week.  Or, maybe like me, you have completed your buying, wrapping, baking, parties, and watched all the movies (ok I'm not really done, but mostly).  If this is you, you might think "I have a quick few hours to spare and enjoy this season with my family....we aren't doing (much) school this week so maybe we should have some good quality time together - but whatever should we do?"  Here are some ideas....


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Jesus is the Reason for the Season

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I've spent hours working on my "Faith-based" Christmas section.  Check it out!

Click here!

Facebook posts this week:

Kelly from Arvada a...

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Happy Thanksgiving....Ready for Christmas????

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Thanksgiving Calorie Burn

Need to burn some calories on Thanksgiving (or get your kids out of your hair while you are cooking?)

Big Time Trampoline Center (52nd and Wadsworth next to Sams Club) will be open on Thanksgiving so you and your kids can burn off some calories!  Only $5!!! (10am - 10pm)

Denver Rescue Mission Turkey Chase 10k and Fun Run

  • Denver Rescue Mission is partnering with Grandma'...
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The Season to Volunteer and Give (and more)

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Facebook Posts This Week:

Pisgah View

Check out Pisgah View every Monday Morning and get the run down on all the TV specials, movies, and documentaries showing on faith-based television networks and stations. The networks can be viewed on FAVE, Sky Angel, satellite, cable, TV, and on-line. (it's always this same link although the dates change). TBN usually has great C...

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November news...

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Weekly Newsletters

First of all, if you missed reading any of the previous newsletters, check them out.  For instance, if you are on my mailing list, I had entitled last weeks WRONG so you might not have read it:

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Weekly Update! Lots of news this week!

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Thanks for reading this weeks Newsletter!!!!  Sorry it's kind of random, but lots of good info here.  Please subscribe to it by clicking here.

Enter to Win free Bible (or IPAD)

  • Win a new SUPER Bible!!! I'm drooling! This is a Life Application, Study and Chronological Bible in ONE!!!! (although...
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Remembering Jessica and some FYIs

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It is really hard to send out a weekly newsletter of all the fun wonderful and Christian activities after we've had such a hard week praying for and hoping about everything that happened in OUR community.   Yes, I'm talking about little Jessica that we've all grown to love without meeting her. 

So I'll...

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Halloween Alternatives, Fall Fun, and Israel

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Halloween Alternatives

Do you celebrate Halloween, hide in your house with the lights out, or go to a "Halloween Alternative" Party? I've listed all the Halloween Alternatives I could find (in the area - I'm planning on adding more ...

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Missions, Library Fun, and Fire Safety

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Colonial Living History Day and other Christian Activities

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Colonial Living History Day

September 28th and/or 29th. Living History Days provides a great opportunity for you to experience history han...

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Christian Movies in Theatres & Fall Fun

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Arvada Volunteer Figherfighters Park @ Club Crest Drive and West 84th Avenue

Well, many of the great things I've been posting on Facebook came quickly and were over the weekend, so I don't have a lot this week. 

Christian Movies in Theatres Update!

I have updated my

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Life-sized Replica of Ancient Hebrew Tabernacle (and more!)

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Free Tickets to "Escape"

Willing to drive to Colorado Springs to see a new Christian movie? Well, free tickets are here for "Escape" - SEPTEMBER 12

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