Faith, Fun, and Fireworks...

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So much is going on this summer, as usual.  Check out previous newsletters, Facebooks posts, the calendar or just all over our website for details.  I'll try to list as many as I can.

Before I get to the rest of the newsletter I MUST TELL YOU ABOUT.... APPLE CAMP!!!! It's here! It's here! I almost posted this a few days ago because of what an emergency it   Th...

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Summer Movies - Outdoor and Indoor... and more

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Outdoor Movies

Every year I post all the outdoor summer movies out there and I've got the link right HERE.  Although if you do hail from Arvada as "Faith Family and Fun in Ar...

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Arvada Fountains WILL Open...and other summer fun

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So excited to tell you that because of all the water we got in the spring and how well the city of Arvada stuck to the water restrictions perimeter, the FOUNTAINS WILL OPEN!!! (I'm talking about the fountains at the library that the kids dance through).

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VBS, Campfires, Camps, Workshops, Vacations and more!

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Vacation Bible Schools

Vacation Bible Schools in 2013 for the cities of Arvada, Lakewood, Wheat Ridge, Denver, Golden, Westminster, Thornton, and Broomfield. I can't vouch for the Churches or their beliefs, you'll have to do that research yourself When I g...

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Christian Music Festivals and Summer Planning

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Ok, so as Christians, for vacation, we usually think that we either go on a short-term mission or we just go all out and do something completely different (like go to Disney Land).  Most Christians seem to have an all or nothing outlook on these things.  We usually want to do something with our family, but our "Christian" life gets left behind.  As followers of Jesus, we need to live with Jesus and for Jesus ALL the time, not just do "Christian Things"....that doesn't ma...

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Christian Movies and Summer Vacation Planning

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Summer Vacation Planning

Ok, so I'm still working on the Summer Vacation Planning - mostly I'm trying to find all the Christian Music Festivals within a 10 hour drive for you (since Heavenfest is canceled this year).  There are a few within 6 hours or so, but I'm looking into the other stuff.  If you'd like to see what I've got so far, go

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