Summer Camps and VBS!

Every year I find all sorts of camps and VBS and many of them are cheap or free. That's why I started this website, BTW. Not all of them are Christian, but I wanted to get it out there.

Free Camps!

Okay so we sign up for these most years and everyone doesn't know how I did it! Well, guess what I did, I signed up on the first day. So I'll tell you about it, you'll google registration and then you put it on your calendar and register that day.

Teens and Tweens Coding Camp through the Library: This is at the Jefferson County Library every summer for all ages (mostly my 10-12 year olds liked it). Sign up on the first day (and if you can find a friend to go with your kid, although that never seems to work out for us and they also have to sign up on the first day. Click here

Apple Camp at the Apple Store (kids 8-12) - Also has to be booked the day of and coordinated with a friend. Also, sometimes you have to travel far to find a camp you want, but it's fun. Warning - a parent is supposed to be there! However, I've sent my 16 year old to "be there" and I've also walked around the mall during, so it's worked out. If you bring a friend or just show up, they might be nice and let you join in, too.  Click here

Camp Erin - Okay this is for kids up to 18 who have had a SIGNIFICANT loss like a parent or sibling. Its a 3 day overnight camp and it's awesome. They don't counsel your kids, but they rely on peer to peer support. It's not Christian but a great weekend for a kid who can't normally afford an away camp - plus it helps them remember their loved one.  Click here

Other Camps

Don't forget that ANY other camps you want to do that are popular need to be signed up ASAP. We did IdRaHaJe this year and my friends couldn't get their kids signed up when they went to register in April (for a camp in June). They asked me how my daughter got it, "Because we registered in January". Yep, sign up EARLY


If you haven't followed this page for any amount of time, then you know that many years we have an entire page devoted to VBS.  Sometimes we don't.  

If we don't, you can find a list at WayFM 

If we do, it will be at the top of the page. Also,  you can use an old list to gather your own info on Vacation Bible Schools that might not be advertised at WayFm.

Other Summer Free Stuff!

Also, not a camp, but don't forget about forget about Free Lunch Program all summer long. Everyone (EVERYONE) under 18 gets a free lunch. This helps with money issues, but my kids get bored eating the same foods all year. Now, when my kids got to about 13 or 14 they stopped liking Free Lunch, but its a fun distraction and FREE.  More info here

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