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Vacations with a Purpose

Ok, so as Christians, we usually think that we either suck it up and go on a short-term mission or we just go all out and do something completely different (like go to Disney Land).  Most Christians seem to have an all or nothing outlook on these things.  We usually want to do something with our family, but our "Christian" life gets left behind.  As followers of Jesus, we need to live with Jesus and for Jesus ALL the time, not just do "Christian Things"....that doesn't make us Christian. 

But yes, I have created this website of "Christian Things" so that you can know of all the things there are out there for us.  We can enjoy ourselves as Christians and also have fun enjoying Him!

Missions:  So first of all, doing a short-term mission with your family (or just your spouse) is a GREAT thing to do and a great way to help you and the other members of your family gain a new perspective on Jesus.  The thing about short-term missions is that, like regular missions, you need to feel called, and it's also not much of a vacation - although it is time away. (see the end of the newsletter for links)

Going to Church on Vacation:  Next - there are the little things, like going to Church while you are out of town so your kids can see how important your relationship is with Jesus no matter where you go- plus it gives a great new persective of a different Church!

Spending more time with the Lord:  Of course, sometimes your quiet times are better on vacations, sometimes they are worse - either way - TRY to have them! Have your children (and of course the parents) spend a special time each morning reading their Bible and praying and having that quiet time you may not have had time for in awhile.  

Local Vacations

While there might not seem to be many local ideas for a "Christian" vacation - there are a few.... many of which I have done.  I'm talking within an hour or two from the Denver/Arvada area...

Heavenfest - Hopefully you know by now about Heavenfest - a 12 hour Christian Music festival in Longmont Colorado in July (most years - check website to make sure).  They have camping available on site so you can come in on Friday afternoon and stay until Sunday afternoon.  There are plenty of things for the kids to do (I wouldn't bring babies or toddlers, however) and plenty for us adults to do.  It's only a mini-vacation, but a great time. (please note there will haven't announced a Heavenfest for 2014)

Conferences and Retreats - There are a slew of conferences and retreats where you can work on your marriage or learn more about Jesus.  Normally it's just for adults, but can be a great way to grow as a couple.  Usually there is SOME downtime so you can enjoy yourself, but usually its as good as a vacation because you are so filled up! 

Church or Bible Study Retreats/Campouts - Sometimes just getting together with your closest Christian Friends, Church family, or Bible Study friends (or even just you and your spouse) for a vacation can give you the fellowship you need to build you up in your faith.  The best part is that kids (and even babies) are usually quite involved in this (or at home being babysat by your Bible Study friends or Gramma) and everyone kind of looks out for each other.  There is strength in numbers!

Christian concerts outside the Denver Metro area - We have traveled to Colorado Springs and Greeley for great concerts and have stayed to play.  This is a "destination vacation" where we go for the concert and play the rest of the time.  There are concerts in Colorado Springs almost as often as in Denver and even sometimes in the Grand Junction Area and even in Cheyenne, WY.  Continue checking back to this website (or reading the newsletter) to find out about Christian Concerts in Colorado.

Focus on the Family (Colorado Springs)- While we were in Colorado Springs (and every year we go there), we always go to Focus on the Family to visit "Whit's End".  This is especially good for kids 2-10.  There are play areas for the little ones, a stage where you can dress up like the people in Odyssey, a giant slide for the bigger kids, as well as a Radio Program that the kids can tape themselves (and get a copy of the CD).  This is a must if you are traveling to Colorado Springs. 

This is our favorite yearly excursion.  There's things for all ages there, and your kids will love it, especially if they like Adventures in Odyssey.  Click for more information click here for direct link to Focus on the Family Website.

Cross Country Vacations

Orlando, Florida


Are you going to Disney World (or want to avoid it while in Florida?)
Check out these great ideas:
The Jesus Film Project Recording Studio Tour
The Holy Land Experience
Wycliffe Discovery Center

So many Christian Music Festivals, so little time.  There is a ton to do up and down the coast in California.

Christian Music Festivals and Cruises

Christian Music Festivals (or Concerts) - While it may shock you to know that grown adults might actually "follow" a tour (and a Christian Tour at that), it does happen and you can participate!  Last fall when my husband and I were trying to decide where to take a second honeymoon, we finally found a Christian Music Festival with Third Day as the headliners (on the exact week we would be out of town).  It was the best concert!  There are Christian Music Festivals ALL over the US (especially in the warmer months), but you can also just think of your favorite artist and go to them!  I've found that kids 6 and under don't seem to enjoy these concerts as much (although we did take our oldest child to a Christian music festival when he was 6 weeks old)

For concerts & music festivals within a days drive of Denver, go to the
Christian Concerts Tab.

Christian Music Festivals links (this is not a list of all the Christian music festivals, but how to access them):

Christian Music Cruises links:

Christian Tours - Many of these wouldn't necessarily be for entire families, but you can check

Ever wanted to go to another country and see it from a Christian Perspetive?  For instance, I've been wanting to go to Italy for years and I really want to go on the "Footsteps of Paul" tour.  It takes you through Paul's footsteps through Italy.  There are tours in all sorts of places that the Bible talks about.  That would so be awesome!

Ok, so let's say you want to drive to the nearest Christian Music Festival (or concert for that matter).  Sometimes might you be willing to drive a long distance?  Well, there are tons of festivals all over the US, however, I've drawn a circle around anywhere within 500 miles of Arvada, CO.  That means, anywhere within a 9 hour drive or so.  Check here for a list of ALL Christian Music Festivals within 10 hours (and a few a bit farther).

The Blue Icons represent a drive of 10 hours.  The Pink "push pin" icons represent actual Christian Music Festivals.  Click on one for info about it.  There are festivals anywhere from 5 hours away and up.

Christian Museums

Creation (type) Museums - There are several Creation Type Museums around the US (mostly Kentucky, California & Texas).  As a Destination vacation, you could pick a part of the world that is relatively close to one of these, plan a vacation that includes it.  I have a friend (who may or may not be reading this) who travels to Illinois every year to visit family.  Next year they will be driving a few hours to see the "Creation Museum" in Kentucky.  (See below for more information)

The Creation Museum  2800 Bullittsburg Church Road, Petersburg, KY 41080 · Get Directionshttp://www.creationmuseum.org/
The state-of-the-art 70,000 square foot museum brings the pages of the Bible to life, casting its characters and animals in dynamic form and placing them in familiar settings. Adam and Eve live in the Garden of Eden. Children play and dinosaurs roam near Eden?s Rivers. The serpent coils cunningly in the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. Majestic murals, great masterpieces brimming with pulsating colors and details, provide a backdrop for many of the settings.

Creation Science Museums (list)

Creation Museum of the Ozarks - 112 Pine St., Strafford, MO 65757

Pensacola Creation Store

  • http://pensacola.creationstore.org
  • Pensacola, FL 32505
  • Come to The Creation Store where you and your friends will learn how dinosaurs and the Bible meet. You will see dinosaur bones from an archeological dig, authentic Ica Stones, a very large ant farm, and learn lots of facts about dinosaurs and the Bible.


Christian Music Cruises - Do you listen to K-love and hear them talking about their Music Cruise?  There are others besides just that one!  They are pricey, but you get a new concert every day!

Creation Vacation Destinations

Creation and Earth History Museum/Institute for Creation Research -10946 Woodside Ave N, Santee, CA 92071

Creation Evidence Museum Glen Rose, TX 760437 Wonders Creation Museum4749 Spirit Lake Hwy, Silver Lake, WA 98645


Sight and Sound Theatres


Christian "Theme Parks"

Holy Land experience

Holy Land USA

  • Not open anymore but you can drive  by and see it
  • Waterbury, Connecticut
  • Bedford, VA

Bible Park USA

The Passion Play and adjacent park

  • Eureka Springs, AR

Sight & Sound Theatre in Strasburg, PA
Herschend Family Entertainment

AdventureZone Playground

 Wind River Ranch (Christian Dude Ranch)

Billy Graham Library

Retreats, Conferences, Etc..

International Vacations

Christian Music Cruises (See above)

Christian Tours - Do you want to travel in the Footsteps of Paul?  Go to Israel and see where the life and death of Jesus took place?  There are tours (either through your Church or through a Tour company) where you can do just that! (this is another one that is usually just for adults, but it really depends, you might be able to bring older kids or teens)

Museums/Churches/Places from the Bible - If you feel secure enough to travel without a group, you can take your family to many places that were actually in the Bible or the eary Church.  (I personally wouldn't feel secure and would go on a tour)

International Christian "Creation" Museums and "Theme parks"

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