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International Family Missions (Colorado Based)

  • IFM conducts short-term mission trips involving the whole family.  We believe this is one of the greatest tools of discipleship available to the Christian community.  Your family will gain genuine exposure to God's heart for the lost in a cross-cultural environment.  Your children's encounter with reaching out to the forgotten of this world will be something that changes their lives forever.  
  • IFM
  • PO Box 309
  • Lafayette, CO 80026
  • 303-665-7635


  • Lasting memories and a lasting legacy: You'll create both when you take your family on a Good Goers mission trip.
  • Good Goers, a division of Family Christian, will help you introduce your kids and grandkids to the life changing adventure of serving orphans and widows.
  • We plan it. We lead it. You live it.
  • There's no better way to make your summer count.
  • Sign your family up today at


Adventures in Missions - Short-term mission trips for Families

  • Psalm 145:4 (NIV) tells us, "One generation will commend your works to another; they
    will tell of your mighty acts." Start a new tradition and carry out the great commission
    in your family; spend four days to two weeks – in or outside of the U.S. – serving the
    least of these. In addition to ministering to others, you'll debrief, worship and
    fellowship with each other.

Short Term Evangelical Missions (STEM)- Family Missions Trips

  • Every member of your family has a strategic role in God’s Great Commission.
    Every member. No matter how young or old. No matter how much or how little life
    experience. God uses every willing heart in His kingdom work.

World Servants - Family Mission Trips

  • Strengthening families through World Servants short term mission trip experiences... 

  City Connexx is good for students to go with a group, not necessarily a family.  "Our objective is to help your student and their group focus on serving others while getting a God’s eye view of the at-risk community they will be serving."


Here's some others I haven't researched, but it's a start for you:

Short Term Missions (.com)

  • Great website to become a central place for people to learn about, interact on,
  • and discover short-term mission trips.
  • Provides an effective way for organizations to get the word out about their
    mission opportunities.
  • Family missions trips available AND you can search for exactly what you want and
    it will tell give
  • you a list of which missions organizations are looking for help.
  • Search Here!

  Ministries/Missions based out of Arvada


Fiske Family - Following Him

 About Us

  • The Fiske Family is Following Him!  We are following God with every step we take, and right now, those steps are taking us into full time missionary service.
  • If you have never met us before, we welcome you even more!  We want everyone to see the great things God is doing, every step of the way.  Get to know Jesus Christ, the way, the truth and the life.
  • The first leg of our journey was moving from Arvada, Colorado to Kona, Hawaii.  That was quite an experience – we had a last minute change in destination, and what a change it was!
  • Now our journey has paused while we do the work needed to increase our support family. We had intended to go to Tyler, Texas for the School of Strategic Missions (SOSM) in September. This school is a requirement in order to serve as staff on the YWAM base in Azerbaijan. However, we did not have enough funding for the tuition.

  • We also need to increase our monthly support base in order to sustain us for full time service in Azerbaijan.

  • This increase has already begun – we have been encouraged to receive several new monthly supporters in the past few weeks, praise God!

  • So for now, we are blessed to be staying with friends who are also missionaries. Not only are they sharing their home, but also their wisdom and experience!  Jim has found work already, and Betty will be attending training this month for two part time jobs. Praise God for His provision!!

  • Our next step toward Azerbaijan is to aim for the School of Strategic Missions in April, as that is when the next term begins in the world of YWAM. Hopefully in Austin, Texas, where we have a few friends nearby (smile). So please continue to pray for provision for tuition as well as the increase for our monthly support.

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Profanity free TV for as little as $9.95 per month.  Rent and Purchase Options both available

Recycling Drop-off Site Now Open in Arvada!!!

There is a recyling drop off at 6161 Olde Wadsworth Blvd.  Items allowed:  aluminum, steal & tin cans, pie tins, aluminum foil, food/beverage glass, magazines, office paper, newspaper, junk mail, phone books, brown paper bags, paperboard, cardboard - broken down, most plastics.  Click here

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