Holiday Ministry Opportunities

I love November and December because there are always opportunities to do ministry, even as a family!  My kids are no longer little so it's even easier for me to do ministry, not sure about you, but I promise you there is something.

This is the PERFECT ministry opportunity that you can do with kids of ANY age (or adults of any age).  You build a box full of all sorts of toys, school supplies, and deflated soccer balls and deliver it to a drop off in the middle of November.  At Christmas time Samaritan's Purse will deliver it to kids around the world who don't get a present.  The shoe boxes that come from Denver typically go to Mexico.  Click here for more info.

If you missed Shoebox Drop off for Operation Christmas child, you can still drop it off at their headquarters by mid-December at
OCC Denver Processing Center
15965 E. 32nd Ave.
Aurora, CO 80011

So after everyone has dropped off their shoeboxes, (at the end of November, beginning of December), the volunteers at the processing center get to make sure the boxes are FULL.  They stand there for hours and make sure there is nothing in the box that shouldn't be, fill in every nook and cranny of your shoebox, tape it up, and put it in a bigger box so they can be shipped off efficiently.  

This is something you can do by yourself or with a group (if you sign up in time).  YOU MAY BRING A CHILD as long as he or she is 13 YEARS OLD or more (and you must have them sign up, too and fill out all the paperwork).  Signups for this start in September so if you want to get a specific time with a bunch of your friends, you have to sign up as close to the first day as possible.  This year, I didn't sign up until well into October for my son and I, and we were able to secure a spot we wanted (but it was just the two of us).  Even into December they are looking for extra help, it's just now always at the exact time you want.  Click here for more info

SANTA SHOP -  DEC. 12-17

Each year we host The Action Center to help provide thousand of toys to more than 4,000 kids in our community. We are in need of people to bake cookies, provide candy canes, and volunteer during Santa Shop so that our guests feel welcome. If you are interested,   go to our table in the lobby or contact Winnie Barnes at [email protected]

This is another great one that you can do at any age.  It's really easy.  You buy an extra turkey.  You drive down to one of the shelters/drop off locations.  You give them your turkey. Easy huh?  If you have kids, you can have them help collect canned food (from your house or other houses) and turn that in at the same time you are giving them your turkey.  It might just be a quick drive, but you can explain to your kids what you are doing and how important it is!  Click here for more information.

Unfortunately (or not), the Soup Kitchen volunteer slots fill up EARLY (like I don't know how early, but as of the beginning of November every slot is taken for the rest of the year).  Some people book youth groups, or community outreach groups to do this.  Some people volunteer here daily and some bring their families. You must be at least 10 years old to help out in the soup kitchen, and during certain shifts, at least 13.  

What's great about this is that it doesn't have to be a holiday to help out.  So if you want to teach your kids to give back, maybe you do some of the other activities listed on this page during the holidays, and then help out once a month at the Soup Kitchen the rest of the year.  More info here

Would you love your kids to help give a Thanksgiving Meal to a needy family, but the Denver Rescue Mission's Volunteer shifts are FULL and you have to see your Great Aunt Martha on Thanksgiving?  Good news....the Jesus to the World Thanksgiving Outreach takes place every second Saturday in November on a Saturday so it shouldn't interfere with your plans.  Several thousand people show up each year expecting a hot meal, as well as anything else they need.

They are in need of food servers, cooks, evangelists, set up and cleanup crews, hair cutters, singers, artists, intercessors, manicurists, preachers and servants for food box and toiletry item assembly, and clothing distribution.  Click here for more info

This happens on the 3rd Saturday in December every year.  This event is designed to assist homeless and needy families with Christmas toys. Volunteers of various ages assemble in front of Denver City Hall in downtown Denver to distribute toys, sandwiches, drinks and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ through music, gift giving and sharing of the Good News of the birth of Jesus! Free parking at 12th and Bannock is provided.  The year I went, the families picked out presents and we wrapped them for them.  It was a lot of fun!  More info here.


Started in 1995 by David Clifton, of David Clifton Ministries, Inc. (dba The World for Jesus International), this event is held each year on the 3rd Saturday of December. This event is designed to assist homeless and needy families with Christmas toys. Volunteers assemble in front of Denver City Hall in downtown Denver to distribute toys, sandwiches, drinks and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ through music, gift giving and sharing of the Good News of the birth of Jesus! Free parking at 12th and Bannock is provided. 

When:  Saturday, December19, 2015

Where:   In front of Denver City Hall in downtown Denver on 1437 Bannock Street between 14th and Colfax.


10:00am to 2:00pm       Wrapping of Gifts

12:00noon to 2:00pm     Denver Fire Department Trucks, Food, and Wagon rides for the children

                                   Passing out of Sandwiches and drinks          

2:00pm to 4:00pm         Distribution of Gifts / Singing  

What to Bring:

Scissors and Sharpie Pens, Scotch Tape and Gift Wrap Paper, New Toys, or clean used toys

Sandwiches wrapped in zip lock bags, hot chocolate, pop, cups, ice

Needed Items:

Cookies and Hot Chocolate and Cider, Pop, Ice cups and plates

Sandwiches and Snack Foods of Any Kind

Cups, Napkins and Plates, and plastic silverware

Christmas Music and Singers and Evangelists

Cost for this event:

$5,000.00 (Insurance, Meters, Permits, Other expenses)

You can send checks to (or you can bring them on the day of the event) : David Clifton Ministries, Inc.
PO Box 140340
Edgewater, Colorado 80214-0340  
There are many opportunities for the end of the year at Open Door Ministries: cleaning, decorating, working with kids, working with food, serving the homeless on Christmas Night, and more.

Other Great Holiday Volunteer Opportunities:

While everything I post on my website is mostly Christian, that doesn't mean there aren't other great opportunities out there that are just as altruistic.  Mile Hi Mamas has posted their own list of great Holiday Volunteer Opportunities for the family, too!  Check it out here!

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